In the developmental path of life and nutrition, we can improve the nutrition, human constitution, intelligence, extend the life span and quality of human life.
Contemporary nutrition, regardless of the achievements of both modern and traditional medicine, technology and chemistry, as well as other scientific fields related to diet and lifestyle, has always been the backbone of health, successful treatment of diseases and mental rejuvenation.
For this reason, it is necessary to understand the human body, the composition of the food, as well as the required daily needs of food, in accordance with the psychic and physical efforts and requirements of diet therapy.
The principles of proper nutrition are actually based on both the consumption of foods from all 7 groups, as well as the daily rhythm of food consumption. Observing the foods as a whole, they consist of different nutrient content in their composition.
Nutrients in food ingredients are:
2. Carbohydrates or sugars,

All these nutrients are very important for proper growth and development, maintenance of physiological functions of organs and organic systems, as well as the organism as a whole, and they must be balanced in proper nutrition in order to make the organism as a whole function longer in the most optimal physiological frameworks.



Proper nutrition is the best health method and the best way to prevent many diseases and it should be applied by every person, thus creating the basis for optimal health and healthy life. It is for this reason, it is very important that the diet is satisfactory both in terms of quantity and type of food, the amount of calories and nutrients entered, as well as the dynamics and daily schedule of the meals.
Proper nutrition can prevent heart disease, arterial hypertension, stroke and diabetes, and these diseases belong to the group of leading diseases in the world and in the Balkans too.
The medicine of the future will be more dedicated to the promotion of health through the proper diet than the treatment of the disease. We will always be referred to medicines and medical interventions, but the true fundamental prevention is to nurture and improve health by proper diet and moderate physical activity.
Human health, creativity, efficiency and mood are directly conditioned by the daily applied diet.
Proper nutrition is based on a balanced intake of nutrients.
There is no such thing as good food and bad food, the only mista/?et_fb=1ke you can make is by excessive consumption of certain foods.

We are what we eat!!!
Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. — Hippocrates, father of medicine, 431 B.C..
After many years of research, we came to the conclusion that food that is consumed or not consumed is the cause of many human diseases.
My goal is to clarify what it is that makes a proper and healthy diet, what are the diet myths as well as to explain what is happening in the body when we are ingesting too many or too little nutrients. In order that the food does not become the cause of everyday frustration, but enjoyment, the diet should be studied and carefully planned.
Eat well, make good food, feel good !!!
Consuming a great variety of foods, however, properly combined, is essential for a proper diet. In order for the body to function normally and healthily, all the ingredients necessary for the physiology of the cells must be consumed in quantities as optimal as possible.
Not every body is the same and neither does it require the same ratio of nutrients, so it is necessary to “listen” to your body, collaborate with it and respect its needs. If we were able to get to know and monitor the needs of our body and feed our bodies accordingly, we would avoid many diseases and significantly slow down the ageing process of the organism. In order to eat properly, it is important that we stick to the established meal times and that we do not take food uncontrollably, at any time without thinking. However, the meals should not be skipped and the body should not be deprived of food, because in doing so we are directly destroying certain brain cells, causing the instability of the nervous system, and the weakening of the immune response of the entire body system

One should always bear in mind that even the proper nutrients can lead to obesity and other health problems.
Daily nutritional requirements should be in accordance with one’s age, daily activities (type of one’s work, one’s additional physical activity).


The nutritional recommendations so far have been based largely on carbohydrates, little protein and very low fat.
The new food pyramid of 2005 revised the ratio of foods that should be taken. This pyramid is three-dimensional and on one side it is outfitted with stairs that emphasise the importance of incorporating physical activity for healthy life. The stores are arranged in triangles of different widths, which should emphasise the proportion of their intake. These triangles are narrowing at the top and this should indicate that all changes in diet should be gradual and balanced. It is necessary to gradually reduce the intake of food to the one that maintains the desired body weight, but not changing the ratio of foods in the diet.
The basic advice of the new food pyramid is to find the balance between nutrition and physical activity.
The recommendations are that one should be physically active at least 30 minutes per day.


Speaking of proper nutrition, we are actually talking about foods and their nutrients as a preventative in the appearance of certain pathological conditions both on the organs and on the organic systems and the organism as a whole.
Foods can play a major role in preventing the appearance of certain diseases, pathologies, and processes.
Properly balanced diet, as well as the proper rhythm and schedule of daily meals, constitute a great preventative in preventing the appearance of certain diseases, pathologies, and conditions.
A diet which is not properly balanced, as well as incorrect treatment of foods in the preparation of meals itself, is at the root of various diseases of both metabolic and functional nature.
Properly balanced foods are a preventive measure in preventing the appearance of many diseases: cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, metabolic and other.